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Paluxy Hill Farm

           Specializing in donkeys for children

Our donkeys are meant to be sat on, loved on, played on...

            The jennets are also breeding quality

Bluff Dale, Texas  or call 254-967-4016

You can be confident with your purchase because our donkeys:

  • are easy to handle
  • are halter broken
  • lead easily  
  • are eager for hugs!

A portion of the proceeds supports the children's charity, Compassion International

Donkey Sale 2011

We are currently making room for new faces at Paluxy Hill, so we have 2 jennets for sale.  Allow us to introduce you to the ones we have to choose from.  The price list follows the pictures.

Matilda  is sweet, gentle, obedient, and she has really good manners.  She doesn't mind waiting her turn for treats.  She seems to enjoy her annual nativity scene appearances.  Matilda is 7 years old and was born on our farm from Miss Kitty and Valentino Casanova. 

We do not know why, but Matilda has never had a foal. So you would not want to choose her for breeding. 



Cupcake below is an unusually colored jennet with a white face.  She had recessive spotting in her genes as her dam was Freckles, a very spotty girl. Cupcake did not take her very first foal, but since then has been a perfect mother to the next two.  Her foals have the most affection in their personality.  The only problem with Cupcake is she does not like to get into the trailer.  Cupcake is 8 years old. 




Miss Kitty - Everyone who meets Miss Kitty loves her.  She is kind of a barrell, but that's because she enjoys people, her food, and every activity that she gets to go to.  Miss Kitty is such a great mother and she is the dam of Zorro.  Miss Kitty is "in charge" of our herd. (Check for Zorro in the archives.)  Miss Kitty is microchipped and ready to go to a great home.  Like all of our donkeys, she has complete health records for worming and farrier, and all registration papers from AMDS.   





 Maya is our youngest for sale.  She was born to Miss Kitty and Hershey in May of 2009.  She has such a graceful and gazelle like appearance.  Maya is a darker shade than the average gray.  Notice her dark muzzle, no light points, other than a little light fuzz inside her ears.  She is very smart and affectionate.




Matilda - 350.00

Cupcake - 450.00

Miss Kitty - 850.00

Maya - 650.00 (if you want to file for registration papers yourself, price is reduced to 550.00 for Maya)

We will deliver within 100 mile range.  We will not sell a single  donkey unless the buyer has other equine.  This is because a single donkey is a lonely donkey. 

 There will be a price break for anyone who takes 2.

Around the Farm

Above:  Matilda and Cupcake - Best friends

This is our daughter, Mikah Horn, who is doing the vocals for the background music.  The song was written by Kevin Ray.

Keep scrolling for archived pictures you might enjoy....

More from the archives: New Babies

Pickles had a rough beginning, but she came through with flying colors.  She has a great new home.  Thanks Lucy, Ben, Rebecca, and Morris for taking good care of her.

Zorro was our "almost black" little boy who lives in Florida now.

Above and below are pictures of Twinkie, our little girl who doesn't know she's not supposed to like dogs.

Garry's enjoying a hug from little Maya, born May '09.

Archives continued: Zorro


            --S O L D--

Jack for sale

Hershey is a handsome 3 year old chocolate mini jack with no light points.  If you are interested in adding  unusual color, friendly personality, and good form and pedigree to your mini donkey herd, give us a call!  He is ready for service.  $700.00           SOLD

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